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Our Programs



Younger Multi-Age Program


Ratio: 6 children to 1 adult
Classroom maximum: 12

The Younger Multi-Age Program focuses on the development of language, motor, and social skills, through a variety of hands-on art, music, dance, movement, literacy, math, and science experiences.  We encourage the development of social skills and the respect of self and others.  We provide support and encouragement with regard to toilet training and other self-help skills. Children do not have to be potty trained to attend this class.  Since this is the first school experience for many children, we spend time easing them into their new setting in order to foster their sense of security and independence.  The children participate in interactive Bible stories, weekly worship, and Christian holidays.

**Intermediate Multi-Age Program / Older Multi-Age Program

Ratio: 8 children to 1 adult
Classroom maximum: 16

The Intermediate Multi-Age Program and the Older Multi-Age Program encourage each child to enhance his or her rapidly developing skills.  The programs stress conceptual development through hands-on learning.  We guide children to be successful in their understanding of language, number concepts, science, art, music, and the use of their bodies.  Teachers model and guide children to problem solve, to develop empathy, and to label their feelings.  Children participate in weekly worship time, Christian celebrations, prayers, and songs.



**KinderPrep Program


Ratio: 9 children to 1 adult
Classroom maximum: 18

The KinderPrep Program is designed to prepare each child for his or her formal education by focusing on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development needs.  We teach intentionally, using both teacher-directed and child-directed activities in whole group, small group, paired, and one-on-one learning opportunities.  We provide age-appropriate hands-on opportunities to engage with literacy, science, and math.  We embrace classroom themes based on family, child, and teacher interests and needs.  Worship is an important part of our school day as we sing Bible songs, pray, and celebrate Christian holidays.  The curriculum is in alignment with NAEYC Standards and NM Early Learning Standards.

** Only children who are fully potty-trained may move up into our older classes. Fully potty-trained means that the child does not wear diapers or Pull-Ups for any portion of the school day, that there is no pattern of accidents, that both urination and bowel movements take place consistently in the toilet, and that the child is able to take care of restrooming needs independently.

School Year Programs

"St. Luke’s Preschool is exceptional! The teachers and staff continually exceed our expectations and we can’t imagine being part of any other preschool community. We are looking forward to many years as part of the St. Luke’s family!


Aime N Parent

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