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Mission & Philosophy


St. Luke Preschool, a Christian ministry of the Church Congregation, serving the Albuquerque Community for over 60 years, offers school year programs, and a.m. and p.m. extended care for our students.



To form a partnership with families and the church to provide a safe and secure Christian environment that enables and encourages children to learn through developmentally appropriate play and instruction.





Our program is Christ-centered and welcomes families from all expressions of faith.  Our overarching goal is to provide a nurturing Christian environment where our children experience God’s love while developing a life-long love of learning and life in community.  Young children learn and develop most naturally when they are involved in activities that meet their needs.  All children are unique with their own individual needs, but they also share common developmental needs by age and by stage.  Children grow and learn through active hands-on play that is open-ended and process-oriented. Licensed for children ages 2-6, we are an inclusive program that welcomes all families and all children. Equal access of services is provided regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, or age.

Mission & Philosophy

"St. Luke’s struck the perfect balance between academics and play, making everything the children learned fun and positive. The personal touch provided by the smaller class size, coupled with the loving Christian environment the kids were surrounded by, could not have been more perfect for our son."


Marybeth Parent

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