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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

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Parent involvement strengthens our school and sense of community and we look forward to partnering with you in the growth and development of your child.  Parents are invited to serve or volunteer with our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is to provide additional opportunities for communication between staff and parents, to give a voice to parental ideas and opinions, to encourage parent education events, and to allow parents as much involvement in the life of the school as their time and schedules permit.


This group organizes itself each year and functions in much the same way as a school PTA, as a forum for planning and brainstorming ideas, as well as a volunteer organization for classroom projects and participating in holidays and special events.  Meetings are scheduled according to members’ schedules. In the past, our PAC has helped with field trips, book fairs, fundraisers, and other special events. 

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

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